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A warning be ready

You might be asking what is in retrograde now?

Nothing is in retrograde right now nothing at all!! Woo hoo party party!! That is so exciting! As of Feb 3 Mercury Retrograde ended!! And we are heading in the smooth sailing/Shift should be very smooth over the next couple months. Planets are going the way they're supposed to. But wait?? If you're asking why am I still having problems... why is my computer still crashing? Or why is Friend not understanding what the heck I'm trying to say? They're still getting frustrated?! Or I'm still irritated easy! Well that is because we still have a shadow phase of these last retrogrades. Shadow phases are the shifting of energy so the retrograde energy is fizzling out as the new energy is coming in and so you're still feeling the shift. It honestly will only last a couple days and maybe a couple weeks depending on how long the retrograde was. However, I must warn you, and I mean seriously I'm warning you mark my words like here on this day February 7 of 2022. Your favorite psychic medium Christie warned you that time was going to go by extremely fast! It is going to go by so fast during this off retrograde season and it's gonna be crazy!! Like look at 2020 or 2021 hello they both flew by 2020 might've felt like the longest year ever at the same time it was still the fastest year!! 2021 was just here it is already gone what the heck? That's how fast things are going!! 2022 is on pace to feel the fastest. With that being said during this energy of calmness peace and tranquility. This is your warning it is your call to become present 100% because it's going to go by that fast and you do not want to get stuck in the past and miss out on the quick present moment or be worried about the future just enjoy the present moment because it's gonna fly by but it's gonna be peaceful so enjoy it!! Let go of the past!! Do not worry about the future it's not here yet. Enjoy today. Love wins as always! Christie

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Thank you for this!! I'll definitely be making a conscious decision to be present in every moment!! The future will work itself out and there's nothing I can do about the past!


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