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Offering in person and remote readings- 

Each session is customized to your spiritual needs. 

Services offered

I offer group readings and events. I offer readings, remote and in-person readings. During readings, I am able to contact spirit, I speak to your spirit, your spirit guides, and spirit of those that have passed.

Energy work and Light Healing, Chakra balancing and aura cleanse, house clearings, spiritual counseling and spiritual mentorship. 

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Everyone is on a journey to the same destination, we just take different paths to get there. We must embrace the detours, and learn to take the path that is best for each of us so that we can create our own path to destiny!

#RespecttheJourney is a group event to go down different paths on the journey. Christie, along with a collective group of spiritual healers and other individuals all coming together to take a detour and learn about each other's paths and get readings. I also offer Mediumship training and Group Energy Classes. 

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I do offer promos and discounts on every Full Moon!

In Person
Group Readings
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Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny. -C.S. Lewis

Psychic Medium Workshops- 
Developing Awareness and Intuition w/Christie and Friends

Remote and Zoom classes
7-830 PM

Wednesdays starting July 13th

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