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Feeling down? Strange energy shift?

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

What you need to know about the Ring Of Fire Eclipse? 😱

First back on May 26th we had a full moon and a lunar eclipse. That meant full moon on steroids energy! Yikes. so many people are feeling depressed or lower. And others are feeling and picking up the dark they are leaving behind. Empaths are struggling so much energy is coming at them. And wait... today we have a Ring Of Fire solar eclipse! Now I’m not an astrologer but I know enough about eclipse energy and after the lunar eclipse leading into this. Change is coming and We must release the past!! Feel the energy!! I’m telling you, everyone needs to buckle down take some deep breath’s, eat some comfort food, binge watch some Netflix and not make any important decisions do not sign any contracts. Don’t trust your intuition too much because it’s going to be masked for the next week or two. This Energy is the kind of energy that forces change but because of the lunar eclipse and the shadow that it left behind plus going into the solar eclipse and mercury being in retrograde it has the potential to rearrange your life and feelings. Plus… Neptune will be Pisces and I know astrologers have been watching this for a while this is going to be crazy! 🤪. However don’t freak out!! 😁Just be grateful you know the potential of this new shift and stay up (enlightened) hold the higher vibration. Look at it as an opportunity to grow and make the changes necessary. Try to stay calm and be happy. Rise above the chaos make the change and spin this into something positive. ⭐️☀️🌝🌔🌟 ♏️

Life is light, light is love, love is divine. Be divine. ❤️ Christie

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1 Comment

Glenys cespedes
Glenys cespedes
Jun 10, 2021

Love this! ❤️

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