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Feeling Unsettled? Depressed? Chaos is in the air.

That’s because there’s an intense energy shift happening now! We have a full moon in Taurus November 18, 2021 followed by the longest ever partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021. This shift is intense unsettling and transformational of emotions and energies. This eclipse forces change. It will force people to deal with whatever they have been resisting. There are three signs I feel like this will affect the most.

Good news if you happen to be a Scorpio ♏️ this eclipse is perfectly timed during your birth season and you are known for transformations you will ride this new energy out and come out on top getting here wasn’t easy but making the change was all-too-familiar for a Scorpio. Good job on letting go. Now try to do some healing for your ancestors. If you are a Taurus ♉️ the full moon Is in your sign and remember the moon rules your emotions. It will be rather intense. Watch your finances closely and try to chill out at work. Things are not as bad as they seem for you. Remember this too shall pass. Leo’s ♌️ I feel so much resistance coming from you. Please if you are struggling during this time take time for yourself. Do self help. Try to see healer and let go. Call a Scorpio friend and ask them for advice on how to let go and be willing to do it. Everyone else expect the unexpected this energy is forcing you too look at something you have been avoiding it can be an emotional time. It makes you feel the past and LET GO of it. Be willing to fight for YOUR future and make it beautiful. Now that you know this the next couple of months take it easy. And know this is just a part of YOUR journey. Remember it’s YOUR journey it’s only yours so take the time to breathe, love yourself and be sure love others. ❤️

My friend The birthday Guru at www.the He reminded me to honor my ancestors this time. So let go, break some patterns and heal for yourself, and your lineage.

As always. Life is light, light is love, love is divine. Be divine🤍



Scorpio Season got me like…

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