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Year Of The Dragon

Updated: Feb 2

Happy Lunar New Year!! According to the Chinese zodiac 2024 is year of the Dragon! If you were born in 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024 You are a Dragon and this is your year!! Some traits of people born under the year of the Dragon, they are very tenacious, very lucky ,passionate, fair and just.

They are the natural born leaders, healers, the risk takers, and they're adventurous. The Chinese believe they are the luckiest, and they are born to be destined for fame. What this year means for everyone… This is a wonderful year to be reborn to re-create peace, love and harmony on our planet. The energy of this sign is suggesting you take risks to better your life. To follow your dreams. In business this could be a year of great success. In order for you to access and use this energy to the best of your abilities you must do it in great faith and fairness and consider everyone else around because they will be the ones that are lifting you and your business up on this journey. Going forward this year is warning us to be aware of those around you not harming anyone using each other for the greater good of all. With that the luck of the dragon is on your side. On Feb. 10th Happy Lunar Year! The Year of the Dragon begins. Look at the Chinese Astrology Chart below to see your zodiac sign.

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