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July is bringing in the biggest energy shift and here is why

So a major energy shift happening now 😬🙃🤪🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ 😱everyone’s probably been feeling it…. Sirius the brightest Star ⭐️and the Sun 🌞have aligned to open the Sirius gateway major heightened energy. We are towards the end of this energy the next few days. This is massive for healing and raising your conscious level 🤩 and with that being said what it’s doing is it’s causing the shadows we have individually come up for us to face. It is more of dark stuff we don’t want to face. Because this energy is so intense- It causes extreme highs and lows. This is a great time for growth of our mind, body and spirit. I mean I’m talking painful people feel this can come on quickly and can hurt physically or emotionally. Relationships will be se the friction the most. Luckily it’s not gonna last that long it’s so quick as quickly as it comes it goes away! it’s this rapid way to heal we just have to go through the pain for the brief time I’m telling you it’s worth it and y’all got this! And you can’t 🏃‍♀️run from it. It’s all the shadows we’ve been being forced to face for the past few months and if we don’t… we’re gonna have to! So just embrace it baby!! 🤗

Here’s some more news…. I mean so if you haven’t felt it yet which most people did in May and June we have been also going through a DNA activation! Our DNA is being activated to help with the ascension process. So very similar to the Sirius gateway you could be feeling physical pain, emotional pain and just be really really fighting some of the dark stuff that you haven’t wanted to deal with. 🫣 It is also on a global 🌎level we neee go to deal with as a collective and individually so just face it!! You have this!! You’re strong! 💪 And you can do it! Everything is gonna be OK. Just know that it’s happening and know that it’s gonna be fine. It’s just a shift! It’s the stuff that we gotta let go of!!! Let’s do this. Remember life is light. 💡Light is love. ❤️ Love is divine.🌈 Be divine. ✨

Also ,in July my psychic development classes 🔮will be starting up and you’ll learn you know basics with psychic training and energy healing. They’re going to be on Wednesdays on zoom 7 to 8:30 PM mountain standard time. I hope to see you all there. sign up here for classes>>> 💵

In addition, Follow me on Tiktok I’m Lovingdismama! Be well and love yourself!!

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