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The Universe wants you to read this!

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

OK so sorry I haven’t blogged for a minute and I’m putting this together quickly. I Was on my way into work and I wanted to say BEWARE be careful CRAZY ENERGY is shifting all around us. If you can’t tell.. you will if you look back at the past few months. I bet everybody’s past few months have felt blah or weren’t going the way they were supposed to. And that’s because of the SIX planets we had retrograde at the same time!! It’s intense!! But thankfully we are coming out of it…

I’ll start with 1. Mercury. Mercury rules our communication our travel and technology And this mercury retrograde especially is calling for communication with our loved ones it’s not gonna go clearly there’s gonna be a lot of misunderstandings and with you loved ones especially. Also, Technology going wrong it is just not good times. It is coming out of retrograde today. Amen!! What that means **today for the 24 hours** do not buy anything major, no major purchases just really if can avoid shopping if you can. And try to not travel too much late at night and do not sign any contracts. 2. Saturn. Saturn came out of retrograde last week. Saturn that planet rules the rules basically it’s kind of the planet that says like do you know we must follow this law or we must do this it’s very vigilant. So I’m not sure that people are getting away with other things and I am that’s not so good. 3. Jupiter, Jupiter equals luck many consider that the lucky planet. That bad boy was in retrograde so things are were going wrong for you maybe like on your car broke down or you couldn’t get somewhere on time, you kept hitting every red light when already late. That has going on for months Jupiter ended retrograde earlier this month. Oh, of course we have 4. Uranus . Uranus in Retrograde creates like an an illusion it’s almost like going back in time or being stuck in time or like we’ve done this before you know the movie Groundhog Day similar to that. 5. Neptune oh dreamy Neptune. Neptune is our subconscious and our dreams. In retrograde you’re not quite sure what’s going on your intuition is off real pain. Then we have 6. Pluto oh Pluto the planet of death and rebirth the planet About getting knocked the f down and getting back up again and putting on your best face despite what happened well that’s not happening now people Are not getting back up or rising above. Pluto‘s energy it can affect a lot of Highly sensitive intuitive and empaths. I’mIf you are one feeling the effects of Pluto it’s really really affecting our personal lives it’s hard for us to get out of that pattern or it’s hard for us to Evolving that rebirth. OK with that being said and I must say I’m not an astrologer I just happen to know this little bit of information but I put it all together and then I tap in. So… we have full moon coming tonight! Yikes!!! This full moon is bringing some intense energy. But of course it is an after all we still have all those retrograde energies in the aftermath we’re dealing with. This full moon is a Aries Full moon. It’s also about the positioning of Pluto and Mars during this full moon Cray Cray, clashing or coming together however you wanna look at it it’s going to be big. It’s gonna be a shit show. This is that kind of energy that like causes like you know global or whole world issues you know disasters war. Luckily I lldon’t think we have anything going on. So keep that in mind when you’re at work or with your family or friends everyone is gonna be a little bit more irritated so maybe don’t make that response maybe just bite your tongue I know that this will pass and 24 hours. Very few people are going to take this energy and feel liberated but if you are one of those lucky ones congratulations you are truly working on yourself. The past shifts in 2020 and From the stars and the moon and all that we have seen from 2021 is crazy crazy it’s going by fast lots of energy shifts, major shift peoples lives are changed left and right big-time huge shifts!! We have never seen Such a universal collective shift and there’s a reason for that so the universe wants us to know, it’s telling us to get ready please everybody get ready for the biggest shift in consciousness. It’s really forced us to look at ourselves inward it’s waking more and more people up it’s asking us to let go of anything that’s not serving us for a highest good, let go, let go of the past. Be willing to dig deep and look at the trauma. Fabe it. Let go of it we only have today and we need to change!! We are so blessed to be a part of the shift right now!!!

OKAY people now go out there and raise your vibration, stay positive an act out of love.

As always light is life, life is love, love is Divine be Divine . Peace Christie

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