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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Everyone is on a journey to the same destination we just take different paths to get there. We must embrace the detours and learn to take the paths less followed so that we can create our own path to destiny. -Christie

A group event dedicated to go down different paths on the journey.

Back in Covid times of 2020, Christie and her spiritual BFF Ruth, were talking and realized how different their paths were but it never mattered to them because they respected each other’s journeys. Both of them had encountered people on the Journey that didn’t respect their journeys or even bother to learn about a different journey. Ruth coined the hashtags #Irespectyourjourney, #respectmyjourney. And from there Christie knew they had to share their journeys and many others!

Join us Friday March 3/26 at Full Moon books in Lakewood

Healers and readers

Christie Cronin-Strom

Taylor Allese

Plus guest readers TBD

2 Sessions

6-7:30 6-6:45 meditation and messages from spirit 6:45-7:30 (readings) or

7:30-9 from 7:30-8:15 meditation and messages from spirit and readings from 8:15-9.

Each session is $40 and it includes group meditation, energy healing and a 15 min reading from one of the readers. Limited space be sure to RSVP today! 0r 720-384-9594

Group meditation

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