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Not Today Satan 4/2/21

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Is it impossibly possible?

With a heart full of and with gifts from God, the divine and the universe I’m writing this blog to share with you my day, as it is just another day in the office with my Spiritual BFF and my soul tribe. A week ago Friday, I was reading at the Full Moon book store when a phone call came in. Tina comes, and asks if I have time to talk to someone about some activity going on at their house. Tina is a highly sensitive intuitive, and has referred awesome people to me in the past. So... without thinking I say why not? Boy oh boy! I had no idea what was coming! Phillip a frantic man is on the phone who is looking for someone to help his family in Egypt. From this call I learned, a powerful sorcerer has done something malevolent to his mother, and brother. And, in Egypt they don’t have light workers, priests, or from what it sounds like anyone who works with The Divine; with the exception of a few sorcerer’s . His mother is so frail she can’t eat, has no energy, and when she tries to leave the house a strapping headache binds her back to her four walls. She has had protection spells done, along with hiring a new sorcerer; nothing was working. I consulted with my guides, and quickly determine that the new sorcerer has not helped them. What he has done instead, was left something else in their home. So I call up my spiritual BFF Ruth, the High priestess. We prepare for a interview (Mind you she is in Virginia we are here in Colorado)... I remembered that next week the high priestess is in town, so I assumed we can attempt to cleanse along with remove the negative Energy, and entities at that time. However, we find out due to the severity we had to act fast, as the brother is about to go dark, and has become possessed by several entities.... and there are two portals open! So we scheme an emergency operation for the next day! (Still a week earlier of ruth’s arrival) Ruth will be on the FaceTime in Virginia. Thankfully I have Taylor here in Colorado who devised her a candle spell to shield us, and she comes along as back up. My two students Simone squared (both of their names are Simone) are coming along to learn, help transfer energy, and to send light. We load up on protection; soon enough the crystals and I are off. I have my friends La Shoundra in Alabama sending light, Nahle in Aurora sending love and light, The Simones have 4 other friends sending energy and light, and we have Monica (Phillip’s wife) sending energy and light. The high Priestess prepares her candles, while sending me some energy for protection to buy time until someone can get threre to close the portals. She sends energy to the mom and son to prepare them for the long night ahead. I look at mom and recognize her spirit. She then begins to cry to me. She’s crying tears of solace as she sees the light in me! So I begin to transfer light, and energy. I then send a shield, and a symbol to his mom. The symbol is to cover or close the first portal. It is working! Mom is yawning unceasingly and breathing it within, not only her physical body, but her soul. She knows now what to do now with the symbol and the shield. She is beginning to feel better as I am draining and feeling everything she is. Her third eye is cleared first. And the Simones are needed to take over sending light, and energy to heal, and protect. Her crown chakra is now cleansed too. She complaining about a headache on the right side. One of the Simone‘s realizes the last person they (the family) called to help sent a double mirror symbol, and it reflected back on Mom. Ugh!! I tell the Simones to send it back to the owner- Oh No! She has a shield up! The Simones panic. I feel the fear and muster up enough energy. I then remove the fear, and we are able to send back the sigel to the lady that made it!! The High Priestess is ready to begin her craft! It’s a beautiful craft full of indigo energy, angels, and her ancestors. She begins... The High Priestess tells me we have successfully closed the first portal!! Yes! She cuts the cords... she burns them... with each cord that burns we can feel them detaching from the brother. It‘s painful and we feel ailing. Luckily, Monica and Phillip had done a lot of work leading up to now. The brother had been purging at the time. The High Priestess sets the intention, and the candles burn. Its working! We are able to exrocise, and close the second portal!! Mom is laughing she’s so happy! She hasn’t felt that lively in a couple of years! God is so good!! We are drained, and realize we just did something others call impossible.

“It is always impossible until it’s done” -Nelson Mandala

“The mind is everything, what you think you become” Buddha

“Light is life, Life is love, Love is divine.“

Love wins. It is done.

Christie Cronin-Strom

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