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2.20.2022 Messages from spirit about the next few days

All aboard the Energy Train. The portal is open today 2.20.2022. This high energy portal is available to you so you can elevate your consciousness. It allows major shifts and manifestations. Align with the future you desire. Make your dreams come true. During the next palindrome days there will be portals and opportunities to use these portals opened by the universe. Palindrome means the numbers are the same forwards as they are backwards. I have been receiving many downloads about this timing and how to share them with all those that are ready to raise their vibration and head to the optimal timeline. You may be asking what downloads am I receiving? Messages from spirit. Signs, ideas, Ahha moments. When your consciousness clicks. They come in your dreams, day dreams, through technology or your mind. And since I received so many downloads, one of them telling me I need to write this blog. On the portals and how to access these portals? I channeled my spirit guides and called on ascension masters. I received messages from Kuthumi, El Morya, Beastie Boy MCA (he is always with me) . I love him! And a couple new guides/angels (new to me) came Kryon, Daniel Ray and Chamuel. They told me why these portals are open and how to access them. Each one of them Talks about surrendering to the power of divine love. To do Gods will. These portals starting today 2.20.2022 are here from God, the universe and they are here Daniel Rayban specifically called these portals the “acceleration portals.” Kyron says “its the atomic vibration of the human body and assisting us to raise the vibration to the electric body. In this body and in the state there is no barrier of time, place and space”. Kuthumi says” it’s the Universal light, filled with God's delight.” El Moya added “it comes from the holy spirit” Matama says “Do not be blinded by judgment it’s okay to love and be loved, be kindled and rekindled.” Daniel Rayborn says “it’s the I AM PRESENCE.” MCA says “too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean. So, open your souls to the echoes of god in the compassion of spirit.” “ The key to accessing them is the balance of mental and emotional state. So be sure to shed/let go (feel your emotions and let them go) These portals starting today 2.20.2022 are here as gifts from God, the universe and they are here. Thus, accelerate your ascension. To shift your timelines and rapidly. How to do it-You must balance emotions with your mind and in the state of duality you activate the electric (Light) body.

Some of you have no clue what I am talking about. But do not fear. I can tell you if you are reading this you are shifting and elevating right now. Others know exactly what I'm talking about and have been waiting for these portals. This shift is here so that with intent we all can shift into existence. If you havent let go and made room for the expansion of your mind. Kryon, said and the collective consciousness is here to help open portals and accelerate/shift in the masses. When the human consciousness becomes awakened, RNG (random number generator) based on quantum tunneling produces unpredictable sequences of 0s and 1s but whe a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people our network becomes ever so subtle yet so real and structured. Which is why the acceleration of elevation is there. Manifesting things anywhere from three to 333% percent faster than normal. Really making the sky the limit. The collective consciousness collapse of wave function causes the rapid acceleration of Gods will globally.We are encouraged to make the healthy essential changes together in ourselves to heal the physical existence in the world. The more we expand our thoughts to hope and love we will have faith only the will of God will take over the planet.

Numerology 2.20.2022 s a 1 day indicating new beginnings. Rewriting, reframing the future. 2.21.2022 master number Illumination 11 foretelling. 2.22.2022 is 3 Catalytic Number energy moves other things without changing itself therefore it is a catalyst

So, questions or if you need energy work or help releasing trapped emotions. Be sure to book a session with me today. I’m offering a special of only $75 a session during the next 3 days. 2.20.2022-2.22.2022 I have kept them open for this very occasion! So be sure to text me 720-384-9594 today to book your session.

Remember Love wins. Feel the connection and vibration of love and light. See ya in another dimension.~ Christie

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